Incumbent Workers


An apprenticeship program is a structured employment training that includes a combination of classroom and on the job learning and has increases in pay. In healthcare, apprenticeships can be used to allow workers to “earn while you learn”. This model is a potential workforce solution to hiring challenges, turnover, and addressing skills gap.

Examples of apprenticeships in healthcare include:

  • CNA level one to CNA level two
  • Associate Degree in Nursing to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Continuing Education Units

The UNAP RIH Education Trust offers continuing education programs at Rhode Island Hospital for Registered Nurses and other health professionals who need CEUs in order to maintain their professional licenses. Some examples of previous and future CEUs are:

Patient Engagement

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Difficult Decisions / Difficult Conversations
  • Are Workarounds Ethical? Thinking Critically About Clinical Practice
  • Cutting Edge Cancer Treatments at RI Hospital
  • Pain Management: Rules to Use and Rules to Lose
  • Caring for a Culturally-Diverse Patient Population

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