Job Seeker Testimonials

Job Seeker Testimonials

"I had a wonderful experience as part of the Stepping Up program. There was no question that I had that was not answered. Great communication and follow up with students. A very professional team that supported me all the time. The Soft Skills class was amazingly good, very dynamic and informative. Loved it!"

Participant Dionis M.

"I am more than grateful for having this opportunity. The professionalism of the Stepping Up group is awesome. They are really interested in providing us not just a training, but the personal and professional experience that motivates us to self evaluate and improve our personal development. Thanks Linda, Sandra, Brianna!"

CNA Talent Participant

"The Stepping Up CNA training gives you confidence and an edge any other CNA training might not give you. A sound academic as well as practical skills knowledge of what you will most likely face as a nursing aide. I work daily, confident in the knowledge that I have the requisite background to take the next step in my profession."

Participant Victoria E.

“I couldn’t have gotten this Registered Nurse position if it weren’t for the Stepping Up program. I can never say enough and sing the praises of such a magnificent program that helps the ‘average Joe’ get help with training to get ahead to help their families!”

Participant Chrystal S., RN

“Thank you for this opportunity through Stepping Up. Being in this program has helped me beyond simply receiving my education and bringing me closer to my goal of becoming an RN. It’s helped me face some fears that have held me back for so many years.”

Participant Carissa F.

“During an economic downfall, paying for school is a hardship for some, including myself. To be able to take advantage of a program that only asks that you receive good grades is remarkable! If it weren’t for the Stepping Up program, I would be still taking one class per semester at CCRI.”

Participant Danielle B.