About Stepping Up

Our Mission

To develop high quality education and training initiatives that support healthcare employees and foster excellence in patient care through a labor management partnership.

Our Vision

The UNAP/RI Hospital Health Care Education Trust will set the standard for innovative and effective education, training and workforce development initiatives for healthcare employers and their employees. We will attract and retain highly engaged, diverse employees by fostering an organizational culture that advances job satisfaction, continuous learning and professional development in all areas of healthcare.

Strategic Plan

We will accomplish this by:

  • Offering on-going education programs that enhance job skills and competencies.
  • Creating career ladders for skilled positions and entry-level employees to reach their full potential.
  • Building a diverse workforce within a culturally competent environment.
  • Supporting job satisfaction, career and economic growth.
  • Offering business-to-business activities to employers that create solutions for their workforce needs.
  • Utilizing best practices in the state and nation wide e.g. Apprenticeship Programs that will create sustainable standards that will adjust with the industries ever growing workforce and patient demand.